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Friday, July 14, 2006

Haifa Was Not Hit By Rocket?

This morning, on the way to work, I was reading a news report from the Associated Press in the local paper when I saw some odd reporting.
Hezbollah fired more than 100 rockets into Israel, which said that one also struck the port city of Haifa.

"Which said"? Um, I seem to recall seeing the news last night and where they actually showed the aftermath of the rocket strike on Haifa. Does Associated Press have no reporters in Israel who can check to see if it struck Haifa or not? Then I saw this paragraph.

Hezbollah’s deputy leader Sheikh Naim Kassem denied that the group had fired on Haifa, telling Al-Jazeera by telephone that the group would do so if Beirut or its southern suburbs were attacked.

So now its just Israel's word against Hezbollah's? I can just imagine the dialogue.

Israel: "Your rocket hit Haifa".

Hezbollah: "No, we didn't fire on Haifa. But if you hit Beirut we will fire on Haifa".

Israel: "So, you didn't fire one at Haifa?"

Hezbollah: "Yup."

Israel: "So where did that rocket come from? And why is that rocket any different from the other 100 ones you fired on us?"

Hezbollah: "Umm... Umm..."

Monday, July 3, 2006

90 Minutes and 30 Years

Today is the 30th anniversary of the famous Entebbe hostage rescue. The Jerusalem Post has a look back at the incident. I also remembering skimming through one of the books on the subject at my parent's place: 90 Minutes at Entebbe written by William Stevenson (also the author of A Man Called Intrepid). Interesting look at the issue. He also included some transcripts from the UN sessions in the aftermath the operation. Heh. Some things never change, do they? From Media Backspin.