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Monday, May 15, 2006

It Burns, It Burns

Heard this joke many years ago when attending a Lag B'Omer bonfire celebration. A Chasid and a Misnagid were standing in front of a Lag B'Omer bonfire. The Chasid looked at the fire and exclaimed, "This fire represents the Ohr shel Torah (the light of the Torah)!" The Misnagid looked at him and replied, "You know what gehennom (hell) looks like?"

Sunday, May 7, 2006

It's a Girl

Well, I went to work last Thursday, expecting it to be a normal Thursday day at work, like any other. My wife had gone to her OB for an appointment in anticipation of her upcoming due date, pegged at May 19th. While she was there in the office, her water broke. The doctor confirmed it was her water that had broken and told her that she should go to the hospital right away, which was two blocks away. Which was very convinient... for her. I, on the other hand, left work early, went all the way home, picked up her stuff, a went to the hospital to meet her. (That took about two hours in total.) Our doula (labour coach) was currently vacationing in Washago on the banks of Lake Couchiching, with the expectation that nobody was going to be going into labour. She aborted her stay and drove in (also about two hours or so). The baby finally arrived at 10:48 pm EDT on Thursday, May 4th. After she was born, they discovered that there was a bit of fluid in her lungs which caused her to "grunt". It did not clear up so they put her in the ICU for observation. Her colour and other aspects were normal and we werre told this was fairly common. After a day, her oxygen levels were put at "normal air" (i.e. 21% Oxygen) and now she is expected to arrive home this coming Monday. On Shabbos, we gave her a name of Naomi Shoshanna. My wife has her own post about the birth.