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Sunday, February 26, 2006

The Story Teller

This past Shabbos, our shul hosted Rabbi Hanoch Teller. I heard him speak at shalosh seudos in which he tried to cram in many stories plus a d'var torah in the time alloted. I'd thought I share one humorous story. A woman once decided that she needed to start a diet. Seeing that most people say that they will start a diet "tomorrow", she instead resolved that she was going start right here, right now. She got into her car and was driving down the road and passed by the bakery. In the window, she spotted a large chocolate cake. Immediately, her resolve began to weaken considerably. But she had just made a commitment. So, she said to herself that if G-d sent her a sign then it was meant for her to eat that chocolate cake. The sign would be that if she found a parking spot right in front of the bakery then it was meant to be. Sure enough, G-d sent her a sign and she found a parking spot... after the 14th time circling the block!