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Sunday, September 14, 2003

Do Not Feed the Reptilian Kitten-Eater

Just when you thought Canadian politics was too bland, along comes the weirdest political insult one can possibly think of. Here in Ontario, we are going to have a provincial election in less than a month from now. The campaigning is out in full swing. One of the campaigners in the camp of Ernie Eves (Progressive Conservatives, aka the "Tories") had sent out an email describing rival Dalton McGuinty of the Liberal party, as an "evil reptilian kitten-eater from another planet". McGuinty has since gone on record to explain that he in fact does not like to eat kittens, puppy dogs, or anything else that is cute and furry. As you'd expect, there is a picture available of the monster. My only question is, is the kitten served on rye or whole wheat?


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