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Tuesday, September 9, 2003

What Is a Moderate?

Reading through the article from my last post, I came across a very familiar and tiring word. Moderate. As in, Ahmed Qureia, aka Abbas II, Arafat's new appointee, is labeled a "moderate". My only question is, "moderate to what?" There was a time when Arafat was labeled a "moderate". Then, he was "sidelined" (or so they say) and then Abbas came onto the scene, the "moderate". Now, he's gone and now they have another "moderate". I suppose if you are comparing them to Hamas then I suppose they are more "moderate". Speaking of Hamas, it seems they have learned the same labeling tricks. One of their leaders who was killed not to long ago, part of the so called "political wing" (another label), was also called a moderate. By whom? By Hamas. What is scary is that if those people who label a leader of a terrorist organization, which engages in the most despicable murders, a "moderate", what do they consider "extreme"? What would they consider to be "too much"? I think it is time for people to clearly define what exactly is a moderate if they are going to use the word in any meaningful way. Otherwise, they might as well as drop its usage altogether.


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