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Sunday, September 7, 2003

The Move Is On

I moved with my family this past week. Before this, we were living in a three bedroom apartment and now we are in a three bedroom townhouse. Over all, we have much more space, considering that we now have a garage, basement, backyard (tiny, though), and three floors, all of which we did not have in the apartment. Nevertheless, many specific rooms are actually smaller than they were in our apartment. The bedrooms are smaller, specifically the master bedroom where there is now hardly any room to move. The dining room is smaller and the living room is smaller, where there is not enough room for all of our couches. Fortunately, the kitchen is bigger. That's right, we will now be able to actually put a kitchen table in there and actually eat in the kitchen (about time). I can't imagine what my cousin did in his old apartment which had one of those "galley style" kitchens. We were all glad to get out of the apartment. It got to be a little too much after a while. To illustrate the point, we had an incident last motzai shabbos (Saturday night), before our move. The woman in the aparment directly below us went on to her balconey and started screaming. She asked for people to call the police, call 911 etc. etc. She claimed that someone had a gun and was trying to kill her. And, she went on repeating this. So, my wife called 911. At first, they felt it may be some kid trying to pull a stunt (a possibility). Eventually, after making sure it was not a prank, they sent the police to check it out. The police came and used our balconey to talk to her. This did not prove to be fruitful. She refused to answer any questions and kept on asking for help, call 911, etc. She did not open the door to her apartment. She also began throwing things off the balconey like chairs, a table and some clothing. Eventually, four members of the police's ETF (Emergency Task Force) arrived in full gear (helmets, bulletproof vests, etc.) in our apartment and prepared to rappel off our balconey by tying a rope around our kitchen wall. Before they were able to do so, the other police on the scene managed to get through her front door by using a key provided by the super. She was alone and was not in any danger. Our son was woken up by the commotion. He, of course, absolutely loved all the excitement and it was very hard to restrain him so he wouldn't get in the cops way. Hopefully, out new neighborhood will be more "normal". Anyways, going through a move, I've come to learn some fairly obvious truisms.
  • Moving is expensive
  • Moving is very tiring
  • Moving is annoying
  • On the day that you are supposed to move, the service elevator will break down
  • After the move, you will not be able to find anything you need, regardless of how much you have unpacked.
  • And did I mention, moving is annoying?


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