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Saturday, August 14, 2004

Blackout Remembered

It is now one year to the day that the biggest blackout in North American history, a total of 50 million people without power, occured (thank you very much, Ohio!). The Toronto Star today published an article looking back at that day. So, in the same spirit, I am linking to an article from the Canadian Jewish News on how the Jewish community here coped with the blackout. My experience with the blackout was not as memorable as having a candlelit wedding along with barebequed wedding food and a-capella singing. I do remember being stuck without a bus ticket and being as their were no stores open so I could purchase one, not to mention that the traffic was exceedingly slow, I decided to walk home instead. Aside from slight dehydration and a blister on my foot, I made it back in one piece. We all went over to my parents house and had a nice barbeque on the back porch, along with the neighbours. The weather was just perfect. Best part of all... my mom had a steak in the freezer.


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