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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Moore Free Advice For All

It seems that Michael Moore, director of a documentary that has nothing to do with a Ray Bradbury novel, is not only freely offering his "advice" to Americans in how they should vote, but he is also offering unsolicited advice for many other countries as well. A few weeks before the federal elections here, while on tour promoting his documentary, Moore was here in Toronto offering his "advice" as well. I saw him on TV where he told anyone who was watching that they shouldn't vote for Harper (that would be the leader of the Conservative party) since he would "send your children to Iraq". Aside from the fact that the Conservative platform never included plans to send Canadian soldiers to Iraq, nor was it even implied by any politician, he seems to forget that Canada, like the states, has a volunteer army. Thus, anyone who is signed up to the army is doing so out of their own free will thus should be fully aware that they can be sent anywhere into war. Nobody would be "sending anyone's children" anywhere unless those children, who can make such decisions, choose to be a part of it. Moore also tried pedaling the same nonsense in his movie where he tries to ask senators whether they would enlist their children in the army. If the senators were smart they would have answered that they support any career choice that their children made, including the army. Perhaps there were a few who did so, but I highly doubt they would have made it to the big screen.


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