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Sunday, June 13, 2004

Stupid Comedian, Be More Funny!

Recently, I read an article by Mark Breslin published in one of the local "community" newspapers. Mark Breslin is the founder of Yuk Yuk's, a well known series of comedy clubs here in Canada. The basic thrust of his article was that people in entertainment such as comedians were being subject to "McCarthy-ism" (his label) in the US and were only able to freely express their anti-Bush comedy by coming up here to Canada (in what he termed a "reverse brain drain"). What utter rubbish. In his article he states that the number one rule of comedy is that a comedian should have an audience that agrees with him (or her). Actually, this is not entirely true. There are a few times that I have watched a comedian on TV make Bush jokes (usually the standard "Bush as moron" joke) and have laughed. Now, am I anti Bush because I can laugh at a joke that pokes fun of him? No. This is because of what I consider to be the true number one rule of comedy. And that is: Be funny. The true problem is that when a comedian starts putting his politics first (especially the rabid, anti Bush kind) before the comedy then the emphasis becomes the politics, not the comedy. And, thus, they are not funny. And that is the real reason why some of them may find themselves not appreciated as they once were. The truth of the matter is, there is no "McCarthy-ism" taking place. Not a single entertainer or comedian has been censored by any government agency becuase they expressed anti Bush views. Au contraire. I see comedians on TV all the time trashing Bush. And, most of them are not funny.


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