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Sunday, October 29, 2006

New and Improved

My shul bulletin recently had the following notice: New and Improved Shalosh Seudos Menu
...To bring us in line with all other shuls across the GTA, and to provide for this signifigantly improved menu, the cost for sponsoring will now be $180...
What does this mean "new and improved"? That the chips and cake will not be stale anymore? That they will offer Coca-Cola instead of RC Cola? That they will have regular herring along with shmaltz herring? (Disclaimer: I can't stand any herring.) And what does it mean by "bring in line with all other shuls"? Not sure if they noticed, but most other shuls also have a dismal Shalosh Seudos (or as one purist informed me once, "Its Seudas Shlishis!"). Well, the new menu will be introduced in two weeks so I guess I'll see if it really is worth it.


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