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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Unusual Shaloch Manos

I was just thinking about some of the unusual shalach manos that I have received, seen, or heard about over the years. (While on the subject, I think it is really supposed to be mishloach manos but I prefer the former.) One year, a long time ago, one congregant sent my rabbi an entire whole cooked turkey with all the trimmings. I wonder if he was trying to say something with that or is it one of those times when a "turkey is just a turkey". When I was in yeshiva in Israel over a decade ago, one guy got a hold of a banana bunch that was still attached to the end of the banana branch. He then took a bottle of wine, tied it to the end of the branch via a metal wire, and then carried it over his shoulder and delivered it to his rebbe. I also have a friend who likes to do theme baskets. Some themes he has done: cereal (delivered in a cereal box), coffee (delivered in a coffee pot), and "mouse trap". This last one came with a plastic rat and "rat droppings" in the form of chocolate chips. He himself dressed up as a mouse with his wife as the exterminator.


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