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Wednesday, November 19, 2003

No Kosher In The Name, Please, We're Kosher

Yesterday, a new kosher fast food joint opened in Toronto called Kosher King. It is the second kosher restaurant in Toronto by that name. What bothers me a bit about many kosher restaurants is that they have such uninspired names. How many kosher restaurants do you know with "Kosher" in the name? Kosher King, Kosher Express, Kosher Delight, Kosher This, Kosher That. How many kosher restaurants have "Glatt" in their name? How many kosher restaurants have "Jerusalem" in their name (usually pizza places)? Using the Kosher Restaurant Database at Shamash, I did a sampling of Brooklyn, NY. 21 listings with Kosher in the name, 8 matches for Glatt, and 5 for Jerusalem. For Manhattan, it was 16 for Kosher, 2 for Glatt, and 2 for Jerusalem. That's a total of 37 for Kosher, 10 for Glatt, and 7 for Jerusalem just for two boroughs of New York. Couldn't they come up with better names? It shouldn't be that hard.


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