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Tuesday, November 4, 2003

King of the Road

In San Jose, there is a dispute over a proposed name change for a street. It seems that some residents in the neighborhood of King Road are upset that the name will be changed to Martin Luther King Jr. Road. That reminds me of a little folk story about Chelm. In Chelm, there was a couple who had their first baby boy and were quarrelling over what to name him. The wife wanted to name him after her father. The husband wanted to name him after his father. Her father's name was Nachum. His father's name was... Nachum. He counter argued that her father was a horse thief while his father was a rabbi, so the boy should be named after him. They brought the case to the town rabbi. He proposed that they name the boy... Nachum. The rabbi added, if he grows up to be a horse thief he was named after the mother's father, if he grows up to be a rabbi, he was named after the father's father. So, I propose that they keep the name of the street and call it King Road. That way you'll satisfy everybody.


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