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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Second Year Anniversary

It is now exactly two years since I started this blog. Last year, I did a "look back" over the previous year. So, continuing that tradition, I will look back over the past year. Personal
  • My eldest son turned four, my eldest daughter turned three (on her way to school... finally), my youngest son turned one, and my youngest daughter was born last January.
  • My wife became a Canadian, now she is officially a dual.
  • Tories threaten to topple government but Belinda crosses the aisle, and the Liberals remain in power for the foreseeable future.
  • After last year's abnormally cool summer, Toronto (and much of the rest of the country) suffers from an abnormally hot summer with record breaking temperatures. And to think I bike in this weather.
  • Toronto suffers from a freak rain and hailstorm causing massive flooding citywide. And to think I walked in this weather.
The Rest of the World
  • Iraq. Staying the course. I said it last year. I'm saying it again.
  • The Americans elect George "Double You" Bush for the second time over John "Who?" Kerry who discovered that serving in a war for four months some 30 years ago and constantly mentioning that fact to the point that it becomes a running joke even with his own constituents does not guarentee the presidency. Kerry also discovered that being named after a certain type of open-back, sandal-like footwear didn't help much either.
  • Arafat. Dead.
  • Osama. Alive (supposedly).
  • Sharon actually goes ahead with his plan and officially makes the Gaza 100% Jew free. Will his plan help? I'm not optimistic.


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